Entrepreneurship, my journey.

A 360 turn

An entrepreneur for more than 2 years, let's retrace the history of Nuage Blanc together and discover these ambassadors who bring this company to life.

Having followed a traditional university course by obtaining a master's degree in teaching and the school teacher competition, nothing predestined me to one day open my own business.

But no longer fulfilled in this area, a reorientation was necessary.

Creative, sensitive and full of energy by nature, the world of marriage presented itself to me as an obvious choice.

After several sketches, several doubts and sleepless nights, the Nuage Blanc brand, a range of wedding dresses, was born. 

Even though it meant taking some awkward paths, the result was everything I hoped for. 

But let’s be realistic ladies, we don’t get anything for nothing!

An intense start to an adventure

Investing body and soul in this company (sometimes a little too much), I have succeeded in offering you ever more elaborate models, combining refinement and elegance. 

A specific goal 

Our goal was and still is to offer you impeccable SERVICE.

Quality being our watchword, this implies that our dresses are: 

  • do one by one according to a specific theme,
  • according to a precise design,
  • composed of a unique name.

Wearing Nuage blanc also means wanting to stand out, recognizing the value of beautiful things, and knowing how to appreciate them. 

For this, we use noble materials:

  • silk chiffon,
  • duchess satin,
  • silk crepe,
  • sumptuous lace,
  • impeccable cuts.

We do everything we can to ensure that you can experience these moments in the simplest and most pleasant way possible.

Fairly long slots are unlocked for each of you, to give you choice in your fittings.

A long-term ambition

Our ambitions for the coming years are to satisfy you by offering you tailor-made support. 

The choice of your wedding dress is at the center of my attention to guarantee you a memorable D-day!

A whole range of complementary items and handmade accessories are also offered to allow you to shine in the most beautiful way.

Committed ambassadors 

Every day, free, independent, charismatic and caring women wear our dresses and highlight our values.

You are our most beautiful AMBASSADORS know it ! 

If you would like to join these ambassadors, you can discover our collection just here.

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