How to choose your wedding dress according to your body type?

The big day is approaching, the preparations are progressing but you still don't know how to choose your wedding dress... You have a precise idea in mind but you are hesitant about which model to choose.

Before going through the fitting room box, let me give you some tips to better choose the style of your dress.

A V-shaped silhouette, or the proven tennis woman?

Your shoulders are wider than your hips, so I recommend a princess or trapeze dress. A flared dress at the bottom will add volume to the hips to align them with the shoulders. Ms. Bridgerton better watch out!

The Nasturtium from the Renaissance collection is perfect for you!

An X-shaped body shape, like the biggest models?

Are your shoulders in the same alignment as your hips and do you have a defined waist?

I recommend the mermaid, sheath, straight princess dress, and all those that will make you happy! The dress Maran would be ideal!

With this silhouette you can wear everything, so treat yourself.

An A-shaped silhouette, like the one often found among Mediterranean women?

Your hips are wider than your shoulders, so I recommend an A-line cut dress, rather elaborate at the top and sober at the bottom.

The idea is to bring a visual balance between the top and the bottom. For that, shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, or even a boat or low-cut collar will enhance you.

The robe Emna is also perfect for you!

Shoulders, waist and hips aligned? A harmonious silhouette worthy of Kate Moss or Natalie Portman!

I recommend dresses that will highlight your size. A belt, a bow or an overskirt will define you and enhance your silhouette.

You would wear it wonderfully robe Bassma.

An O shape? Generous curves and you want to harmonize your silhouette?

So you will be able to embrace your curves by highlighting them.

I recommend a flowing dress, empire cut, which is marked at the waist and not flared.

The dress Bohemia chic, in chiffon, crepe or silk will highlight you. Salina's fluidity will suit you perfectly.

Don't forget that whatever happens you remain magnificent and a body shape absolutely does not define you, it only gives you indications to shine even more!

Good wedding !

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