Nuage Blanc offers you two types of services to find the dress of your dreams. 

  • Dress rental: dress rental is done by physical appointment during which I will be able to advise you and guide you as best as possible, to offer you the dress of your dreams. 
  • Custom tailoring: tailor-made tailoring is available in person, where we will take all the necessary measures to be able, together, to offer you the dress of your dreams. The service is also available remotely with the sending by email of a detailed guide containing all the information. This sending is followed by a telephone interview. All follow-ups will be done in a timely manner via WhatsApp messaging. Any retouching/modifications are possible along the way (if more than 3 modifications additional costs must be taken into account). 

Custom tailoring gives you the opportunity to choose everything; fabrics, cut, size, details, etc. 

For all creations Nuage Blanc offers you a hat as well as a hijeb or a head piece (depending on availability)   

  • Renting your dresses: Nuage Blanc offers to take back your dresses made in our workshop to rent them to you. This service will allow you not to store your dress, to give it a second life and above all to make its cost profitable because all the gains are distributed in the form of a percentage and under contract.

To benefit from this service, all you need is for the dress to be signed Nuage Blanc and for the contract to be read, approved and signed. And yes quite simply, because the Nuage Blanc spirit also means relearning how to reuse everything we own intelligently. 


  • The sale of perfumes: Nuage Blanc offers you vegan, cruelty free and made in France eau de parfums, as unique as they are captivating, with floral, fruity and woody fragrances to accompany you on a unique olfactory journey. 
  • The sale of accessories: Nuage Blanc also allows you to find the accessories of your choice in a wide range of products consisting of head jewelry, crowns, jewelry, earrings, bracelets and hijabs. 


Voici un accès à l'agenda Nuage Blanc.

Vous pouvez choisir le créneau qui vous convient selon vos disponibilités ainsi que le type d'essayage que vous souhaitez.